Why Us?

Established in 2020, Hustle Lashes entered the scene. What started as a vision, we decided to take the plunge and turn it into a reality; and we are so glad we did. 

Being in the Cheer and Dance industry, owner Maddison Powell noticed there was a few things lacking in the lash world. One main thing being; Kids Lashes. I get it. Why do kids need lashes? But when you know, you know. No matter the age, when on a stage under lights, exaggerating your already incredible features is important. Lashes being one of those things required to enhance your already beautiful self.

Walking around comps we could see a common theme of kiddies having to wear standard generic lashes and having them fall off or better; them being just taken off all together. They are annoying, they are too long, they are hard to apply and no amount of lash glue in the world could make them stick to their eyes. The reason being; No lashes are made for kids. Until now. Being one of the first and only companies in the world to stock/make Kids Lashes. Our kids range is extremely light but adds volume. They are the perfect length for kids or older ones who are after a natural look. All whilst being on an invisible, ultra thin band to allow for the easiest application.

Although these are designed for kids, this collection is also AMAZING for those Lash Lovers who prefer a more natural, subtle but extremely beautiful look. We are so proud of what we have created and we cant wait for you try them. 

But of course being the proud all inclusive brand we are, we will NEVERRRRRR forget our older Lash Lovers. We found a common theme that finding good quality lashes either come at an extreme over priced cost or they are affordable but not the quality you as a buyer deserve.

Sample, after sample our team has found the most premium quality, luxurious, STUNNING lashes you can buy. Our Deluxe and Supreme Lashes are made with 100% Bionic Yarn. This means collecting plastic bottles from the streets and ocean, melting them down, spinning them up and turning them into materials to create your Hustle Lashes.

We love our fury friends and would never do anything to harm them. So we have gone above and beyond to ensure all our products are vegan & cruelty free. From our Synthetic Lashes to our Bionic Yarn Lashes to our Lash Adhesive, we can assure you we are only helping our animal friends and not harming them. 

Although we have come so far, we only have further to grow. No matter who you are, or what age. ALL is welcome to rep the Hustle Fam. It truely is our honour and we are so lucky to have you apart of the team.

Love always, 

Hustle Lashes. xxx