Make the most of your Hustle Lashes:


- Before removing your lashes use a cotton tip and some make up remover on the lash band before removal. Once the lash is removed from your eye, use make up remover and a cotton tip on the lash band again to take off any left over glue/make up residue. Too ensure glue is removed gently pick off any left over glue with tweezers. Be super careful to not pick the band or the lashes as it damage them.

- Keep your lashes stored in their box between uses.

- Once placed back into their box, use your free lash spoolie to brush through your lashes.


-For a deep clean, use your free lash spoolie soaked in Micellar Water. Place your Lashes on a paper towel and gentley brush through them until all the build up is removed. With a dry paper towel, gently pat your lashes dry. Its super imported to do this lightly so the lashes don't lose their shape. Once dried place them back into their box. With a dry lash spoolie give your lashes one final brush.

 *By taking good care of your Hustle Lashes, they should last you up to 20-25 uses. Keep in mind this may vary depending on what products you use in your make up routine and how often you clean them.*